Wrapped current transformers


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Indoor (air or oil immersion)

Primary intencity from 50 to 5000 A

Inner diameter Up to 700 mm

Heavy insulation 0.75/4 kV

Measurement and protection


Used for the measure of AC currents from 50 to 5000 A.

Air mounted (impregnated) or oil immersed in power transformers.

Individual mounting as several independent transformers, or as a plug & play assembly.

Each transformer is individually tested, then as a whole in the assembly work.

Flexible solution that can be customized to any client configuration.



Technical data

Highest voltage for equipment

750 V



power-frequency withstand voltage

4000 V



primary current Ipn


Up to 5000A


secondary current Isn


5 or 1 or 2 A






50 or 60 Hz



Rated output


1 to 300 VA



Accuracy class


0.2 - 0.2S -0.5-0.5S-1-3-5P-10P-ClX

Security factor


5 to 30



Accuracy limit factor





Continuous thermal current

1.2 Ipn



short-time thermal current Ith

80 Ipn . 1s



Dynamic current Idyn





Insulation class







1000 m


Ambient temperature


-5C° to + 40 C°

-25C° to + 40 C°

-40C° to + 40 C°





IEC60044-1, IEC61869-2,IEC60044-6



Other characteristics on request

Highest voltage for equipment

Up to 2400 V


power-frequency withstand voltage

Up to11 KV


secondary current Isn


0.005 to 10 A





1 to 10000 Hz


Multi - ratio



By secondary tapping



Multiple cores





Continues thermal current


1.2 to 1.5Ipn and 2Ipn


Ambient temperature


Up to +110C°





ANSI C57.13 – CAN3 C13 – AS 1675


Connection tables




According to client request



With plate











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