Bar or cable primary current transformers


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Indoor or outdoor

3.6- 7.2 - 12 - 17.5 -24 KV

Primary current from 100 to 30000A

Ith up to 1000 Ipn

Cast-resin insulated

Current transformers vacuum moulded in self-extinguishing epoxy resin for the measurement of AC currents from 100 to 30000A.

This range is also suitable for power generation. They have been designed to be installed in bus ducts between generator and transformer.

They enable very high performance to be achieved.



Technical data

Rated insulation level


Up to 24/50/125 kV


Primary current Ipn


100 to 30000A



Secondary current Isn


5 or 1 A







50 or 60 Hz



Rated output


1 to 1000 VA



Accuracy class


0.1 - 0.2 - 0.2S -0.5-0.5S-1-3-5P-10P-clX

Security factor


5 to 20



Accuracy limit factor


5 - 10 - 15 - 20 -30-50



Short-time thermal current Ith

80 to 1000 Ipn



Dynamic current Idyn






Insulation class








1000 m



Ambient temperature


-5C° to + 40 C°

-25C° to + 40 C°

-40C° to + 40 C°






IEC60044-1, IEC61869-2, IEC60044-6



Other characteristics on request

Secondary current Isn


0.005 to 10A



Rated insulation level



25/50/150 A



Multiple cores


Up to 3 cores



Continues thermal current


1.2 to 1.5Ipn and 2Ipn



Ambient temperature


Up to + 110C°






ANSI C57.13, IEC60044-6, BS, A, VDE




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Tolerances: ± 1mm